What is Are Air Purifiers A Waste Of Money? And Why Should You Care?

Many people, before going to buy an air purifier, ask us – “are air purifiers a waste of money?” If it was so, thousands of people would not buy it for their houses. Incredibly, an air purifier is the demand of the day as the environment is full of pollutants. It keeps your inside air clean and helps you breathe fresh. In this article, we have shown you why an air purifier is not a waste of money. Let’s have a look:

Never Worry About What to Do About Are Air Purifiers A Waste Of Money Again With These Tips

Good for allergies

Air purifiers are unusually good for allergies. The best air purifiers always include multiple layered technologies, including UV lights and high-quality filters. The manufacturers set these filters in the form of HEPA. HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air” that makes a purifier possible to trap harmful air particles, germs, viruses, and allergens, responsible for respiratory and other forms of diseases. 

Good for allergies

As this section is especially for allergens, I should not discuss other factors here. Okay alright. The filters are highly capable of cleaning up the air inside your room. Allergens are germs found in the air, and whenever you turn your device on, it starts catching allergens floating in the air. 

That is why those suffering from asthma and allergies are found to use it inside their bedrooms, cars, and office rooms. And honestly, it works. In this regard, you can experiment. Carefully examine that this time, you are not suffering from wheezes and sneezes that you experienced when you were not using the device. So here we see that buying an air purifier is not a waste of money. 

What’s about other harmful air particles?

We have stated earlier that an air purifier is highly convenient for harmful air particles. You have already known about allergens, and now I want to tell you about others. Listen, most air purifiers can eliminate 99.97% of harmful air particles, such as dust, smoke, pollen, pet hair, dander, and VOCs.

An air purifier helps you breathe fresh by reducing particles like dirt, dust, allergens, and smoke. But you have to buy a suitable one that can cover your room size completely. Otherwise, you may not get the best result. Can you imagine that an air purifier with a perfect size can eliminate harmful particles from 100 to 0 within 30 minutes?

How an air purifier functions to clean air

Undoubtedly, an air purifier is helpful for making your home air clean and fresh. Here you should check the capacity and coverage before buying one. Or it will not work well. However, if you use a perfect air purifier in a fully sealed room with the highest speed, you will realize that it eliminates all the harmful air particles within 15 minutes only. So you see, the device can clean your whole room 4 times in an hour. 

How an air purifier functions to clean air

But when you apply it in your bedroom, it takes a bit more time because the room is not fully sealed. In this circumstance, some studies have proved that it takes nearly 30 minutes to purify your room entirely. So this time, the device is cleaning the room two times in an hour. In this regard, you need to think about certain things, for example – whether you have set the highest speed mode, or shut down all the doors and windows of your room properly, etc.

Who needs an air purifier?

Many of you don’t know whether you need an air purifier for your house or not. For them, we have made a list of those people who really need the device for their home. Let’s have a look:

  • People who are living in a busy city full of pollution
  • Houses established beside a busy road
  • Living in an area full of airborne allergens
  • A house with pets
  • A home with smokers or kitchen smoke
  • Those who are facing problems with pet odors, kitchen smells, and dirty diapers
  • For health-conscious people
  • A home located in a smoky area

The Conclusion

Air purifiers are good for health because they remove pollutants from room air and allow you to breathe fresh and stay away from harmful airborne particles. That is why buying one doesn’t mean that you are wasting your money unnecessarily. Honestly, the best air purifier can make your days happier.

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