5 Best Filterless Air Purifier (allergies, dust, smokers, small room)

An air purifier is necessary for our home and office and such other places. However, finding a perfect air purifier may not be too difficult for anyone as there are many options. But when it comes to the topic of finding the best filterless air purifiers then you need to go through too many details to ensure the best buy. 

We are here to help you to know almost all the things that are necessary before buying. We are going to suggest some best air purifiers like Envion Ionic Pro Turbo. We are going to bring all the necessary things that you should know before buying a filterless air purifier.

Our buying guide will help you to understand which type of air purifier you need actually. We will let you know the advantages and disadvantages of using a filterless air purifier. These will help you to differentiate between the two types of air purifiers. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Filterless Air Purifiers

In this comparison table, you will come to know about the difference between the products. Here, we have shown the distinctions of capacity and filter system of the products. They will help you choose the most suitable one for you quickly. Let’s have a look: 

Image Product Details   Price
Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Color: Black
7.5 x 28.5 x 9.5 inches
7.8 pounds
500 sq ft
Check Price
Lightair Evolution IonFlow 50 Lighter Evolution IonFlow 50 Color: Silver
7 x 23 x 7 inches
5.9 pounds
540 square feet 
Check Price
Airfree Filterless Onix 3000 Airfree Filterless Home Air Purifier Color: Black
8.4 x 8.4 x 10.4 inches
3.1 pounds
650 square feet
Check Price
Airocide - NASA Air Purifier Airocide – NASA Air Purifier Color: Black
6 x 6.9 x 18.7 inches
9 pounds
Check Price
Ivation Ozone Generator Ivation Ozone Generator Color: Cherry
12.5 x 11 x 15 inches
9.64 pounds
3500 square feet
Check Price

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Top-Rating Best Filterless Air Purifier Reviews in 2021

If you want to refine your air, you need to have a good air purifier. So, to purchase one among all these available options in the market, it’s tough to get the best deal. IN this regard we’ve got you covered with top-notch air purifiers for your preference.

1. Envion Ionic Pro Turbo

Envion Ionic Pro Turbo

Product Features

  • Operates silently. Noiseless
  • Removes 99% of airborne allergens and pollutants, ensures ionic purification
  • In a 500 sq ft room, they purify up to 3 times in an hour
  • The washable filter can last for years
  • Energy-saving.

Envion Ionic Pro Turbo is one of the best filterless air purifiers for dust. Its ionic air channel changes the air inside your room. This ionic channel is for being used in a room that is around 65 sq ft. To eliminate germs and microscopic organisms there is a germicidal chamber. 99.9% of airborne germs can be erased easily. To get rid of dust, smoke, influenza infections, pet smells the channel helps a lot. 

  • This air purifier doesn’t make much noise
  • The quality of the product is good enough where the cost is relatively low
  • It comes with an amazing filter which is very easy to clean
  • This product does not work so well for the people who have asthma and related problems

2. Lighter Evolution IonFlow 50 Air Purifier

Lightair Evolution IonFlow 50

Product Features

  • Demonstrated Efficient – Expels airborne particles from form, dirt, smoke, microscopic organisms and more for rooms up to 540 square feet 
  • Filterless – Replacement of channels are not costly, a reusable authority that you effectively wash in water 
  • Quiet air cleaner – So it won’t upset your exercises 
  • Energy proficient – Exploits multiple times less energy than the other air purifiers

Lighter Evolution IonFlow 50 is one of those filterless air purifiers that remove odors best. Evolution is the most recent demand for home and office. One of the reasons for its much demand is its ability to remove the littlest and most harmful elements, yet without the commotion, ozone, and with the use of very little energy. 

With the greatest technology of ion flow, Evolution expels airborne particles from mold, dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, virus, pet allergen which cause the most severe health problems.

  • These air purifiers are silent, so noise is not an issue with this air purifier
  • They are energy efficient as they use 10 times less energy than the other purifiers
  • Lighter Evolution Ion Flow 50 removes the odor best
  • Many consumers have doubted about its effectiveness

3. Airfree Filterless Home Air Purifier – Iris 3000 Portable Odor Cleaner

Airfree Filterless Onix 3000

Product Features

  • No changing of parts or filters is necessary. The maintenance is costless.
  • Its Patented TSS technology can destroy almost 100% of germs at 365° F – 400° F.
  • Bacteria, molds, pet dander, dust, pollen, and odors will always be destroyed instead of being captured. 
  • The design is compact and it is portable so it fits perfectly at your home.
  • It operates silently and doesn’t bother your sound sleep.
  • Saves energy expenses as it is the low energy consumption of 52 W.
  • No harmful ions, UV light, or even no ozone.

Airfree Iris 3000 is one of the best filterless air purifiers for allergies. The product is considered as the best filterless air purifier for a small room. This air purifier should be considered by you if your rooms are up to 650 square feet. Airfree is the normal answer for asthma, respiratory hypersensitivities, and form. 

They are so good at killing dust bugs, microscopic organisms, growths, infection, dust, and many other germs from the air. It is a great choice for shape spoiled parts such as asthma and hypersensitivity victims. 

Airfree’s selective innovation is completely quiet and doesn’t need any channels. And lastly, you can also take it for granted that this is the best filterless home air purifier.

  • You will not have to worry about the maintenance cost while using this air purifier
  • This air purifier is silent
  • It has some great features like a multicolor night light
  • Some additional features are missing in this air purifier

4. Airocide – NASA Air Purifier for Allergies, Asthma and Chemical Sensitive Individuals with Odor Control

Airocide - NASA Air Purifier

Product Features

  • Wipes out mold, fungi, dust, viruses, bacteria and VOCs- all-important allergy triggers 
  • Expel normal family unit smells 
  • Innovation created by NASA and the FDA affirmed 
  • No channels to change or blades to clear off, ever 
  • Zero ozone emanations 
  • The APS-200 unit works at 120 volts, 60 Hz.
  • The APS-200 is for use in North America, and won’t work outside of North America. 
  • Chips away at 120V Guarantee Void Outside the United States

Airocide NASA Air Purifier is one of the best silent filterless air purifiers. Airocide is such advanced that even without using a filter, it guarantees you to feel better. 

Airocide frees the demeanor of essentially 100% of destructive pathogens by eliminating them, including mold, fungi, pollen, dust mites, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs – the hurtful gasses emitted by-products like airborne splashes, cleaning products, dry-cleaned clothing, paint, carpet, furniture, and even air fresheners.

All that is left is pure, clear, fresh air. Airocide technology is verified with more than 12 years of exploration. Now this wonderful air purifier is available for your home and office. Airocide doesn’t use any filter – rather Airocide attracts destructive airborne pathogens and powers them into a thickly stuffed lattice of profoundly receptive impetuses that are initiated by a high force 254-nanometer light.

The response demolishes these harmful pathogens on contact. Nothing is caught so there is nothing to clean. Every one of those ways out is fresh, clean air, with zero ozone outflows. You’ll simply supplant the Reaction Chamber when pointer light beginnings squinting, as a rule once every year.

Regardless of whether you experience the ill effects of sensitivities, have asthma, or just need the whole family in your home to inhale clean air, attempt Airocide hazard-free for 60 days. With Airocide, you didn’t know that you could feel this great.

  • Wipeout practically 100% of your home’s Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Lessen your presentation to top allergens like form, microscopic organisms, and residue parasites.
  • Shield your family from airborne pathogens that can cause disease.
  • Eliminate any confusion air, so you can rest preferable and feel better over ever.
  • This air purifier has got too many bad reviews
  • Price doesn’t match the quality

5. Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier

Ivation Ozone Generator

Product Features

  • Incredible Ion Energy – Releases Negative Ions to Purify and Refresh Up to 3,500 Sq/Ft Space for all day, every day Dust Control 
  • Improves Air Quality – Helps You Breathe Fresher, Cleaner Air with Reduced Dust, Allergens and Other Irritants 
  • Helpful Ozone Generation – Activated Oxygen Removes Odors from Tobacco, Food, Pets, Paint, Mold, and Mildew 
  • Solid and Attractive Design – Elegant Cherry Wood Exterior and Stainless Steel Cabinet Provide Years of Use 
  • Reenergizes Your Mood – Recreates good Smell; Great for House, Apt. or then again Office

Ivation Ozone generator air purifier is to breathe clean air and it makes the breathing process a lot easier. The purified air provided by this air purifier can be compared with the air we usually get after a thunderstorm or near a waterfall.

It contains incredible ion energy as it releases negative ions up to 3500 sq/Ft space the whole day. It is also good for removing odors. Its activated oxygen removes odors from tobacco, foods, pets, etc. Its design is eye-catching. 

The attractive design and the probability of lasting for a long time have made this air purifier better than many other air purifiers. By recreating a good smell, it re-energizes your mood quickly.

  • It makes the breathing process a lot easier
  • It does a great job to change the air after smoking cigars
  • It comes with a solid and attractive design
  • These purifiers can cause lung damage

How to Choose Filterless Air Purifier

When to purchase a filterless air purifier according to the textbook, your experience is a tiny dissimilar than picking an air purifier with the filter. There are various things that you have to think about while purchasing the finest air purifier without a filter. Let us discuss the whole thing thoroughly.

Maximum Area Coverage/ Range

The main concern is the coverage area of the unit. The usefulness of the air purification unit is founded on the square footage of the room. 

You should have a proper measurement of your room. Well, known spaces for air purifiers incorporate rooms, kitchens, lounges, and home workplaces. Ensure that the unit will have the option to help the space where you’ll put it.

Noise Level 

The next thing you should study is the noise level. If you are going to use it in your bedroom or even if on any working place you where noise will be an issue. One marked 15 decibels is a better choice if you are looking for a silent air purifier. 


Weight should also be one of your concerns before buying an air purifier. Because it affects the air purifier’s mobility. You may need to move it from one place to another if you wish to have a new place to set it up. So when the weight is not too much, then you will be able to do it very easily. 

The air purifier model that comes with versatile options you should pick one of these options. You won’t get a filterless unit which is above 10 pounds. But you should go for 3-7 pounds if you have an issue of weight.


Price is a big issue before buying anything. Your budget is always your limitation so fixing the budget before deciding on buying an air purifier is the best thing to do. Air purifiers’ cost is usually from 50$ – 600$+. 

With or Without Filter?

You may not be willing to go for both of the air purifiers. Now it is important to know which one is suitable for you to buy. There are a few things and depending on all those you can take your decision whether you will buy a filterless air purifier or an air purifier with filter. These things are

What are the things you want to remove from the air?

If you want to remove air contaminants then filter (HEPA) air purifiers will be good for you. But if money is not an issue for you then you can go for a filterless air purifier.

The size of your room and your air purifier’s location 

If the space is little (below 1000) then you should go for the filterless air purifiers. And if your coverage area is large, then you can choose another

The break between the times of maintaining the device 

While using a filterless air purifier, you constantly need to wash the wires and metal plates.


The presence of fans is one of the reasons for noise. However, the filter air purifiers use the fan to operate. This is the reason why they are they make much noise than the filterless air purifiers.

How do filterless air purifiers work

They clean the air by using technologies such as:

Heat Sterilization

To destroy the germs the temperature should be high. They need to be heated to be destroyed. After that, the air becomes cool and gets spread in the room. Thus the air of the room changes.

UV-C Light 

UV rays work to damage the molecular structure and DNA of germs


 To trap contaminants, ions are produced or even generated and therefore remove the germs from the air.

Photocatalytic Oxidation 

UV-C and titanium dioxide helps the gaseous pollutants to be turned into harmless compounds. 

Electrostatic precipitation 

Smoke, odor, and many others get trapped while the electrostatic charges in the air. 

Ozone generation

To neutralize strong smells the machine use potentially hazardous mechanism.

Types of Filterless Air Purifiers

While purchasing a filterless air purifier, you’ll find only two types of it. 

Ionizers – ionizers are perhaps the very 1st type among the two types of filterless air purifiers. Ionizers work with the plates charged by electricity. 

Ultraviolet Purifiers – UV light is very powerful. It can easily remove particles such as germs and bacteria from the air. They do not need a lot of electricity to be functioned and produce clean air to breathe. 

Benefits of Using a Filterless Air Purifier

If you intend to use a filterless air purifier, you’ll get several advantages. Let’s have a look at them. 

Not much maintenance is needed

What else can be much more benefit able as they won’t let you spend extra money on replacing the filter? Because of the absence of the filter, there is no issue of cleaning the stinks of the filter.

Less Noise

As the name implies, filterless air purifiers don’t irritate you with much noise. You know, filterless air purifiers don’t create a harsh sound as they don’t feature any fan. If you have a problem with noise, then you don’t need to worry at all.

Energy efficient

As there is no fan in a filterless air purifier, so there are only fewer components to power. It doesn’t need much electricity to run.

No worries regarding the indoor air being dried out

Using an air purifier with filter can cause of getting your throats sored in the morning. But the good thing about the filterless air purifiers is, you won’t face such a problem at all. They purifier the air without changing the surrounding humidity. 


The weight is not a problem for filterless air purifiers. They usually weigh less than 10 pounds.


You don’t need to spend much like you have to do while buying an air purifier with filter. Filterless air purifiers do not cost much

Disadvantages of Using a Filterless Air Purification system

There are very few things that have only advantages. There are a few disadvantages as well in the filterless air purifier. Such as

Not as effective as HEPA air purifiers

If the question is about capability then most of the filterless air purifiers are less capable than HEPA filters. The inactiveness of inbuilt plates is the reason for it. If a mass of dirt accrues in the place then the machine becomes weaker. 

Less of effectiveness against the odors

The air purifiers that have carbon filters are much more effective against odors than a filterless air purifier. There are some differences as well, such as ozone generation filterless air purifiers. They are good against the odors.

Ozone Release

Needless to say that Ozone is harmful for our human body. And Ozone generation filterless air purifiers often release ozone that is a bad sign. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best filterless air purifier?

Envion Ionic Pro Turbo is the best filterless air purifier according to the recent update. They are noiseless and long-lasting. They can remove 99% germs and can purify the air up to 3 times in an hour.

How does a filterless air purifier work?

The filterless air purifiers eradicate airborne particles and toxins harmless. Thus filterless air purifier works.

What is a filterless air purifier?

A filterless air purifier is an air purifier that can take all the bad smells and refine them and turn them into good air. It makes a home or workplace lively.

Where can I buy a filterless air purifier? 

You can search online to buy a filterless air purifier. There are many online sites such as amazon. You can also get your desired filterless air purifier at the market.


We have come to the ending part of our article. We have done a lot of research just to make sure that you all will be able to clear all of your confusion. We have brought the best filterless air purifiers such as Envion Ionic Pro Turbo.

We tried to mention all the things about the filterless air purifiers. We talked about the price, effectiveness, features, and most importantly the reasons why they are in our choice list. However, if you have the intention of buying an air purifier we hope this article will be helpful for you.

Especially if you want to buy an air purifier without the filter. We hope, you’ve prepared your mind to make a precise decision. I wish you the best of luck for the purchase and thanks for spending your time.

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