4 Steps to a Successful Do Air Purifiers Help With Germs

Many of you ask us the question – “Do air purifiers help with germs?” To get the answer to this question, you have to go through the following article because you need to realize the analysis given below. One cannot say directly whether an air purifier can kill germs or not. There are types, and not all of them can fight against germs. So, let’s know about different types of filters and which ones are effective against germs.

Some critical issues to bear in mind

It’s not like that your air purifier will fetch germs, bacteria, and viruses from outside of your house and kill them. Many studies have shown that you will have some high-quality devices which can catch and kill bacteria and viruses, but always keep in mind that an air purifier can do the job effectively if the germs still persist in the inside air during the period.

Some critical issues to bear in mind

Most of you have a firm belief that a cleaner with HEPA filtration can surely kill viruses, but the idea is wrong. Listen to me carefully. It catches viruses but cannot kill them.

Some air purifier users think that they need not wash their hands or clean the houses’ hard surfaces because they have an air purifier in the home. But this idea is wrong as an air purifier can not be a perfect substitution for cleaning surfaces or washing your hands, remember.

Several air purifiers can indeed exact germs and viruses but have limitations because there are levels of detection. It means that a device cannot remove germs smaller than the limit set by the manufacturers. So it’s better to keep your body and house hygienic by washing and cleaning. And also, try to bring germs from outside as little as possible.

Do HEPA filters work effectively against germs, including coronavirus?

This one is a common question asked by many air purifier users. Before telling you directly, I want to show you an analysis. Manufacturers insist that an air purifier with a HEPA filtration system can catch particles as small as 0.3 microns. Most of the viruses are between 0.02 to 0.4 microns or bigger than it. 

Do HEPA filters work effectively against germs, including coronavirus?

Typically, a coronavirus is 0.1 microns in diameter. Apart from that, the manufacturers demand that a HEPA filter can trap coronavirus along with other viruses. But after analyzing the statement, it seems that the fact of trapping coronavirus by a HEPA filter is confusing.

Whatever the situation is – many studies have shown that a HEPA filter can trap such tiny particles. They have demonstrated the argument that these particles proceed randomly in various directions. As a result, while passing through the filter, they can attach to the filter’s fibers like larger particles. Besides, it produces tiny aerosol particles that can stay alive in the air for hours when you sneeze or cough. Surprisingly, a HEPA filter can effectively trap these airborne particles.

Can a HEPA filter kill viruses?

You have to understand that the words “trapping” and “killing” are not the same. So a HEPA filter can trap viruses, but can it kill them? Keep this challenging question in mind. Okay alright. The type can catch any viruses that live in the air. Even coronavirus cannot get rid of it. But alas! It fails to kill them. When it traps the viruses, they can still live inside for hours or, in some cases, for days. That is why you should not remove the filter just after using it. Instead, you need to wait for some hours. Otherwise, they may return in the air and affect you.  

What’s about other filters?

  • As an air purifier user, you may be familiar with the photocatalytic filtration system. This type of filter can trap viruses and bacteria and kill them effectively. It contains ions that produce oxidization and electrostatic effects. They help the filter catch and kill germs.
  • UV filters are also useful for trapping and destroying germs but take several minutes to kill them.
  • Carbon filters are useful for catching particles and pollutants. Even they can eliminate odors but fail to trap and kill germs.
  • You will get many air purifiers with the catechin filtration system. They can efficiently trap and kill germs, bacteria, and viruses as they have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.

The Conclusion

From the above discussion, you have already got a clear idea about the question – “Do air purifiers help with germs?” We are telling again that not all of them help eliminate germs. Even HEPA filters cannot eradicate them. Ionizers are helpful in this regard. Besides, photocatalytic, catechin, and UV filters are also perfect. Therefore, before buying an air purifier, you must first check the filtration system and then make the right decision.

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