How to Clean Honeywell Air Purifier: Some Easy Tips 2021

Honeywell air purifier! You are lucky if you have one. Because it serves better than any other air purifier on the market. It has four-stage filters that provide 100% pure air. But to get a better service, you have to maintain the device properly. Or all of your efforts may go in vain! 

Honeywell HPA300

Do you know how to clean Honeywell air purifiers? If not, you will be deprived of the benefits it provides! Don’t worry. In this blog post, we are going to tell you about the exact cleaning process of the device. We hope the steps will help you ease the pressure if you follow them correctly. Let’s have a look:  

Some Pre-tips

  • Firstly, disconnect the device from the electricity, and then open the unit.
  • Carefully look at the Honeywell air purifier pre-filter. Generally, hair, dust, and dangerous particles get stuck to it while purifying the air. Conveniently, the Honeywell air purifiers contain washable pre-filter. That is why you need not change it frequently. You will just wash it once a month. As a result, the air can flow without any obstacles through it during the process.
  • Check it properly whether the pre-filter is dry enough before fitting it inside.
  • The HEPA filters are permanent. So you can vacuum them after two or three months to remove dust and other particles.
  • You must not use only water to clean the permanent filters. Use detergents or special cleaners to clean them.
  • Remember, don’t rub the filter and the unit with any sharp cloth or sponge. If the filter is destroyed, you must change it to make the device more useful.
  • After some time of use, a HEPA filter may seem discolored. But there is nothing to worry about. For this reason, you need not buy a new one.

Filter types: Honeywell air purifier

There are four types of Honeywell air purifier filtersThey are – 

  • Firstly, you will have a washable pre-filter. The main task of it is to suck up dust and dirt. The primary cleaning process begins from here.
  • Secondly, you will have an odor lock carbon filter. The primary duty of it is to identify harmful odors and then purify the air all around it.
  • Thirdly, there will be a HEPA filter. Its primary work is to remove the tiny dust particles. Their size may be 0.3 microns.
  • And finally, you will get an electronic ionizer. The main duty of it is to help in the purification procedure.

These four types of filters work together and diagnose the air quality, gather debris and dirt, purify the air, and finally produce high-quality pure air. Thus, the air purifier helps you all breathe healthily. This powerful device always plays an important role. So you need to maintain it regularly if you want full benefits from here. The Honeywell air filters are world-class. Therefore, they absorb airborne particles quickly and with ease. That is why you should clean them frequently or replace them if they get damaged.

How to Clean Honeywell air purifier

How to Clean Honeywell air purifier
How to Clean Honeywell air purifier

Cleaning the purifier is not difficult at all. You have to follow some steps properly. And you will never imagine how easy the process is! Let’s have a look:

Outer Parts

We all know that you have to do a lot of work daily. As cleaning the outer parts of the air purifier is so simple, you can add the task with your other household chores. The advantage of it is that it will not put extra pressure on your brain. And if you clean the outer portions daily, the filters will absorb fewer particles at that time. As a result, when you go to clean the filters, they will cause less hassle then. Am I clear to you?

Outer Parts

However, cleaning the exteriors of an air purifier is more comfortable than taking a cup of tea. To do this, take a soft rag or a damp towel. Then gently rub the portions, and they will shine like a new one again.

Know when to replace the filters

It is essential to know when you should replace the filters. Otherwise, you will not get the right service. Don’t worry. Just listen to me carefully. It is better if you replace them once a month. But it is not mandatory. The process will depend on the usage also. And you need not change the HEPA filter frequently. Changing it every 3 years will do. At the same time, for the pre-filters, you can change it every 4 to 6 months. Have you got me?

Know when to replace the filters

And here, I should mention that Honeywell does not include extra filters to the package. So you have to buy them separately from the market.

The pre-filters cleaning process

The pre-filters always do the hard work. As the purification process occurs here, they become dirty quickly. That is why you have to clean the section regularly. Otherwise, your purifier may not work effectively. It is better to clean them once a month. 

The pre-filters cleaning process

In that case, you can set up a reminder on your phone. This will help you remember at a particular time. Also, cleaning once after 2/3 months will be enough for you if you don’t use the device excessively. Here you will get some tips to clean the pre-filters. I hope they will help you a lot. Let’s have a look:

  • Firstly, unplug the purifier and remove the pre-filters one-by-one. 
  • To remove the debris and dirt, you need to shake the filters one after the other. Ensure that you have done the job successfully.
  • Take some hot water, and then soak the filters for a while to clean better. You can also rub gently if you need it. Now – what? Isn’t it easier enough?

Here I should warn you – please make sure that the pre-filters are wholly dried before fixing them in the unit. Or you may face some serious problems!

The conclusion

The Honeywell HPA300 is a unique air purifier among the other versions. This model is very easy to clean. Oops! This does not mean that other ones are difficult. The process stated above is for all the models. In a word, you can apply this method for any Honeywell air purifier. 

While researching, we have noticed that most of the methods stated in various websites are obscure! For this reason, we have come with some easier tips. 100% you will get a good result.

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