Where to Place an Air Purifier: 7 Easy Suggestions

As the air is polluting day by day, you have no other option without an air purifier. It intakes impure air and produces a pure one. Isn’t it quite interesting? It’s helpful also because by eliminating airborne germs, it keeps you away from airborne diseases! 

To get the ultimate benefits, you need to buy the best air purifier from the market. Otherwise, the result can be zero. In this regard, the air purifier can help you reduce your stress. Also, you have to think about where to place the air purifier accurately. Without putting it in a perfect location, the device will fail to serve according to your demand. 

Where to Place an Air Purifier
Where to Place an Air Purifier

There is nothing to worry about! After researching for hours, we have come out with some easy suggestions. We hope they will help you a lot and make your days smoother than before. Let’s have a look:

7 Easy Suggestions Where to Place an Air Purifier

1. Go for a portable one

portable air purifier is just great. You can buy one. Do you have any idea about it? Don’t be disappointed. Just listen to me carefully. A portable air purifier will help you move it from one room to another according to your wish! For example, you are watching TV in your drawing room – place it there at that time. Or you are cooking in the kitchen – put it there to keep the air clean. How convenient, that is! Can you imagine?

Similarly, if you want to rest in your bedroom, you can place it there before an hour. This will help you clean the air earlier. Remember, you have to operate your purifier daily to keep your home happy and clean. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy the ultimate benefit of it. Fortunately, a wirecutter air purifier can ease your pressure quickly.

2. Close to the impure areas

An air purifier is an essential part of your house, mainly if the home is located near a pollution area. The air purifier will not bring blessings if you don’t place it in the exact location of your room. Commonly, you may have a smoker or a weird-smelling place in your house. So you have to fix the device in that area. 

In this regard, the best air purifier for smoke can be an ideal choice for you! Always think about your circumstances frequently, and then act according to those. We hope it will work better than before!

3. Inside a closed room

In an open place, air can come freely. In this regard, your air purifier may not work effectively. Remember, an air purifier works the best inside a closed room. So make sure all the doors and windows of your room are correctly closed. Indeed, this will help the device work without any hindrance. 

Always keep in mind that air can flow without any obstacles whenever it gets any opening. At that moment, the device will pull in air from there, and you will not get good results then. You may think that open doors and windows can help the fresh air to come in. But you never think about the small harmful objects floating in the air, and most of the cases remain unseen. 

Besides, sometimes, snow falls outside your house. When the doors and windows remain open, it can enter your room quickly. In those cases, the air purifier will not work effectively.

An air purifier in a bedroom is not for fashion only. That is why you always try to make it useful. During the summer season, the temperature remains high. So you must not keep the device near an open window. Otherwise, some harmful particles will obstruct the purifier to work freely.

4. Don’t place it near other electronic devices

Naturally, your house contains a variety of electronic devices, for example, stereo equipment, microwave, refrigerator, television, and so on. An air purifier and these electronics have almost similar wavelengths. When you place the device near to them, they can cause interference.

As a result, the purifier will not work according to your demand. Therefore, you should not place the machine near other ones. But some air purifiers like a Honeywell air purifier are computer and smaller appliances friendly. These will not do any harm if you place it near them.

5. Place it between the floor and ceiling

Some of you have a terrible idea. That is why you place the purifier under your bed, thinking that the air inside it is entirely impure. The idea is almost wrong! When you put it there, the other areas remain insecure. As a result, all of your attempts may go in vain. Don’t worry. We always recommend our visitors to place it between the floor and ceiling. At this moment, it can cover all the areas evenly, and you will get the maximum benefits from the device. 

You can manage a table five feet high from the ground if you cannot fix it right there. Or you can go for a wall-mountable air purifier. This time you can fix it on the wall of your room without any hassle. Conveniently, this type of device is also suitable for saving space.

6. Place it away from moisture

Too much moisture can decrease the life length of the filter. So be careful about it. Place the air purifier away from a steamy bathroom. The purifier contains a filter that absorbs moisture. As a result, it will destroy the filter within a very short time! 

Some people will tell you not to use an air purifier along with a humidifier. But after researching for hours, we have found that the idea is entirely wrong. You can do that without thinking twice! Nevertheless, we will recommend you to place the air purifier on the other side of the humidifier and keep the humidifier on its lowest setting. Have you got my point?

7. Don’t place it in the corner

Many people think that a corner is a right place to set an air purifier. But this is not like that. Similarly, there are some others who place the device behind furniture or the below shelves. This is not the right idea also! Listen, the purifier needs an open space in the front to intake air. 

Hence, you should not place it according to your wish. The open space helps it to intake airborne particles without any obstacles. So it needs spaces at the sides, front, and top. That is why you have to think deeply. Otherwise, it will be a mere wastage of money and time!

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The conclusion

Many people ask for the best air purifier for petsThey are almost similar to this. If you want to buy one, you should frequently go through the reviews on the internet carefully.

However, the service of an air purifier almost depends on the location you place it. For that reason, you need to think deeply before making the final decision. Otherwise, you will fail to get a good result.

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